Upgrade Guide - Scylla Monitoring 2.x to Scylla Monitoring 3.x

This document is a step by step procedure for upgrading Scylla Monitoring Stack from version 2.x to 3.x

Switching from Scylla Monitoring 2.x to Scylla Monitoring 3.x is not fully backward compatible. The changes affect dashboards’ names and metrics.

Upgrade Procedure

1. Validate node_exporter version

Scylla Monitoring uses the node_exporter utility to collect OS-related metrics. By default, Scylla will install node_exporter version 0.17. If you upgrade in the past from the older Scylla version (before Scylla 2.3), you should verify that you are running the correct node_exporter. You can do that by running node_exporter –version on the machines running Scylla.

If you are running an older version of node_exporter you can use the helper script node_exporter_install –force that shipped with Scylla to force upgrade.

2. Install the new monitoring stack

  1. Download the 3.x version from the release page.

  2. Unzip it into a different directory.

  3. Copy the targets files from the old stack to the new one, located on the prometheus/ sub-directory:

    • scylla_servers.yml (for example cp /path/to/old/monitor/prometheus/scylla_servers.yml prometheus/)

    • scylla_manager_servers.yml


    The targets files are no longer part of the release, make sure to copy them or the monitoring stack will not start.

  4. Stop the old monitoring stack

  5. Start the new monitoring stack

    ./ -d /prometheus-data-path

Validate the upgrade

You should be able to see the graphs on the new stack. Make sure you see the graphs’ history.

Because of the metrics, name change graphs will display correctly but with a different color as of the time of the upgrade. This is only true for the transition phase.


To rollback, simply kill the new stack, change to the old monitoring stack directory, and start it.