Upgrade Guide - Scylla Monitoring 2.x to Scylla Monitoring 2.y

This document is a step by step procedure for upgrading Scylla Monitoring Stack from version 2.x to 2.y, for example, between 2.0 to 2.1.

Upgrade Procedure

We recommend installing the new release next to the old one, running both in parallel, and making sure it is working as expected before uninstalling the old version.

Change to the directory you want to install the new Monitoring stack. Download the latest release: You can download the .zip or the .tar.

Install 2.y (The new version)

wget -L
cd scylla-monitoring-scylla-monitoring-2.y/

Replace “y” with the new minor release number, for example,

Setting the server’s files

Copy the scylla_servers.yml and node_exporter_servers.yml from the version that is already installed.

cp /path/to/monitoring/2.x/prometheus/scylla_servers.yml prometheus/
cp /path/to/monitoring/2.x/prometheus/node_exporter_servers.yml prometheus/

Validate the new version is running the correct version

Starting from Scylla-Monitoring version 2.2, you can run:

./ --version

To validate the Scylla-Monitoring version.

Validate the version installed correctly

To validate that the Monitoring stack starts correctly, first in parallel to the current (2.x) stack.

./ -p 9091 -g 3001 -m 9095

Browse to http://{ip}:9091 And check the Grafana dashboard

Note that we are using different ports numbers for Grafana, Prometheus, and the Alertmanager.


Important: do not use the local dir flag when testing!

When you are satisfied with the data in the dashboard, you can shut down the containers.


Important: Do not kill the 2.x version that is currently running.

Use the following command to kill the containers:

./ -p 9091 -g 3001 -m 9095

You can start and stop the new 2.y version while testing.

Move to version 2.y (the new version)

Note: migrating will cause a few seconds of blackout in the system.

We assume that you are using external volume to store the metrics data.

Kill all containers

Follow the instruction on how to kill the 2.y version when in testing mode.

To kill the 2.x version containers, run:


Start version 2.y in normal mode

From the new root of the scylla-monitoring-scylla-monitoring-2.y run

./ -d /path/to/data/dir

Point your browser to http://{ip}:3000 and see that the data is there.

Rollback to version 2.x

To rollback during the testing mode, kill the 2.y containers as explained above, and the system will continue to operate normally.

To rollback to version 2.x after you completed the moving to version 2.y (as shown above). Run:

cd /path/to/scylla-grafana-2.x/
./ -d /path/to/data/dir