You are not reading the latest stable version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 3.10.

Scylla Monitoring Stack Interfaces

Scylla exposes two interfaces for online monitoring, as described below


By default, Scylla listens on port 9180 for Prometheus requests. To connect a Prometheus server to Scylla in your prometheus.yaml configuration file, add Scylla as a target with your-ip:9180

For more information on monitoring Scylla with Prometheus see Scylla Monitoring Stack

You can change the Prometheus listening address and port in scylla.yaml file

# prometheus port
# By default, Scylla opens prometheus API port on port 9180
# setting the port to 0 will disable the prometheus API.
prometheus_port: 9180
# prometheus address
# By default, Scylla binds all interfaces to the prometheus API
# It is possible to restrict the listening address to a specific one